The FIXATOR™ is a new form of equine Headgear which has been designed according to optical principles, in that it may encourage the horse to focus and maintain its forward gaze by creating a fixation point in its frontal field of vision. Unlike some other items of equipment, this action does not impede its peripheral vision, which may be beneficial to the relationship between the visual interpretation, co-ordination and physical movement of the horse.

FIXATOR™ equine visual aid is protected in International Patent Application Number WO-A-2010/128296, and by way of UK and EU Design Rights and Trade Marks.

To understand more about VISUAL FATIGUE and how it may effect your racehorse, please read the article by Josephine Unsworth, in European Trainer, Issue 37 - Spring 2012, please click here.

Published with kind permission of European Trainer.

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